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  • What's the Deal with Cacao?

    Chocolate. One of the worlds most beloved plants in the world, cacao makes up most of what we call chocolate. Native to the Amazon basin, cacao was domesticated by a group of people near Mexico. It has been used ceremonially by many people in Central and South America for thousands of years. In 1753 a Swedish botanist by the name of Carl Linneas gave the plant the latin name Theobroma cacao, translated to “food of the gods”. The name chocolate comes from the Aztec word “xocolatl”, which was translated as “bitter water”.

    Especially through ceremonial engagement, many individuals have had fantastic spiritual experiences with cacao. The biggest thing cacao is said to spiritually is open the heart. Cacao ceremony’s have a reputation of being connective, playful, fun, and loving. These ceremonies can induce a transformational experience for many.

    So, how can you use this amazing plant?

  • Raw Honey

    One of the most loved ingredients in the kitchen, Honey has many health benefits that can be realized fully within the world of herbalism.

    Enjoy this small video where we explore some of the topical and internal uses of this lovely support to your medicine cabinet!


  • Alchemical Medicine: Herbal Spagyrics

    If you are looking for a revolutionary way to use herbal medicine that requires no prep time, creates a potent dose in a few drops, and contains the fullness of a plant in its expression, then you have found your medicine!
  • Essential Oils

    Curious about how to use the essential oil products that you have been hearing loads about? Join Marinda for a lovely conversation about the many applications for essential oils.
  • Fall Teas

    We find that as we prepare for winter, our minds and bodies shift towards a rejuvenating mindset. The days grow shorter, plants start retreating into dormancy within their roots, and our energy diminishes as well. Many of our fall blends tend to mirror that energy with their focus on nourishment, preparation, and readying the body for the coming months.

    Come explore the benefit of fall teas!