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Essential Oils

Curious about how to use the essential oil products that you have been hearing loads about? Join Marinda for a lovely conversation about the many applications for essential oils.

Essential Oils

Used widely, especially in many modern applications of herbs, essential oils are a fantastic tool for aromatherapy use, topical use, and managing many household needs. 

When using essential oils, it is important to remember that while the products are completely natural, they are still very powerful and must be used with the proper knowledge. Fantastic for topical use, essential oils are perfect to dilute into massage oils, salves, lotions and other applications. Most essential oils must be diluted within some sort of carrier to avoid topical discomfort or other side effects.

Used within things like baths, the sensory deprivation tank, or just for scent, essential oils are a fantastic tool for relaxation and opening of the physical and mental body for healing. Just the powerful aroma of these oils will often facilitate healing within application. Studying the application of different scents for mental and physical conditions is a fantastic branch of essential oil usage. 

Marinda also mentions the wonderful applications of homemade infused oils; simple to make and use, these oils are a fantastic way to explore applications of herbs topically and aromatically. All the supplies to make your own infused oils can be purchased in our shop. 

What do you use essential oils for?