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Stronghold of Ancient Medicine

Holistic Support

Natural Law Apothecary is a brick and mortar host to all ways of conscious wellness including herbs in bulk, elixir and tea, alchemical preparations, tools for craft&ritual, classes, crystals, books, gifts, gatherings, local artist performances and beyond. Home to a variety of practices&preparations, our building houses creators and alchemists formulating tinctures, spagyrics, soxhlet extractions, powders, bulk herbs, clays, powders, incense, art, music and more. We have a dedicated and  knowledgeable staff skilled in making custom blends and supportive remedies. Within our doors also lies a world of education; our books are lovely for studying on many different topics, while our shelves boast many ingredients and supplies for at-home preparations. Natural Law Apothecary is an educational, wellness focused, community stronghold that continues to grow every day.



Follow our stories and posts at Natural Law Apothecary on Instagram for all the magic that happens in our establishment. Below is a list of upcoming scheduled events. If you don't have social media, confirm events by texting 801.613.2128

Tuesdays Art Night 4-8pm

Thursdays Live Music with Local Artists, Details on Instagram and FB

Next Monthly Tea&Open Mic Night comin in May

EntheoMagus Screenings April 27th-29th. Get Tickets  https://seerstonedproductions.com/tickets