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From Woodland to West Salt Lake

Our Story begins with a small family in New York. When living there, they took a trip to the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown. Immediately drawn to the physics garden brimming with botanical delight, they beheld the apothecary: filled floor-to-ceiling with great glass jars of dried medicinal plants. Right there, the idea for our own beautiful medicinal pharmacy was born!
Fast forward to Salt Lake City, where this powerful and dedicated family put in time and energy towards creating the beautiful space you see as Natural Law Apothecary today.

The first years of the apothecary were long before its doors were open to the public. Beginning by starting Bowen Therapeutic Bodywork, the founders and their family worked day in and day out. Massaging throughout the day allowed the time and funds to work at building the apothecary on the other side. Much of the shelving and craftsmanship you find behind our walls is loving work over several years from our founders. Finally, the apothecary opened its doors in fall of 2016, slowly collecting herbs, infused honeys, Kombucha and more.

As Natural Law Apothecary began to gain support from the community, we expanded our inventory and slowly grew into the rich space you see today. Fostering our commitment to learning and education, classes have birthed out of our space and our library has housed many deep conversations. After nearly 4 years of being in business, we have grown to accommodate a wide selection of bulk herbs, tinctures, alchemical preparations, books, preparation materials, resins, burnables and more to fill our space.