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Fall Teas

 Especially as the fall weather begins to close in, check out the lovely video below with co-owner Marinda Bowen as she speaks with us about what lovely brews are available for the winter months stocked on our shelves.

Natural and Colorful Fall Teas


We find that as we prepare for winter, our minds and bodies shift towards a rejuvenating mindset. The days grow shorter, plants start retreating into dormancy within their roots, and our energy diminishes as well. Many of our fall blends tend to mirror that energy with their focus on nourishment, preparation, and readying the body for the coming months.

Brews such as chai give a warming relaxation while providing a stable energy in these fall months, while relaxing teas with ingredients such as Kava or Passionflower can help us bring our energy inward. As the winter months draw nearer, a warm steeping in the morning or evening can support both your physical and mental health.

How do you plan to enjoy tea in this coming season?