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Alchemical Medicine: Herbal Spagyrics

If you are looking for a revolutionary way to use herbal medicine that requires no prep time, creates a potent dose in a few drops, and contains the fullness of a plant in its expression, then you have found your medicine! Welcome to our vast line of Herbal Spagyrics, a new way to connect with a plant stemming from old roots.

What is a spagyric?

An herbal spagyric refers to a preparation created by extracting the essential oil, mineral salts, and spirit of a plant, then combining them in specific ratios.

Why use a spagyric?

One tiny bottle of herbal spagyric contains an elevated fullness of the plant. Rumored to be 100-400 times stronger than a regular tincture, you only need a few drops to make a potent dose. The medicine of spagyrics can last in your system for up to 72 hours due to the penetrating nature of the salts. The medicine is intended to be physically and spiritually transformed to one of its most potent forms.

These are just a few reasons why Herbal Spagyrics are a fantastic alternative to other herbal treatments. Check out our line of Herbal Spagyrics today, as well as our other alchemical preparations! 

Explore the depth of what your engagement with a plant could hold.