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Raw Honey

One of the most loved ingredients in the kitchen, Honey has many health benefits that can be realized fully within the world of herbalism. Enjoy this small video where we explore some of the topical and internal uses of this lovely support to your medicine cabinet!

Raw Honey

Fantastic in its health benefits as well as taste, honey is a fantastic thing to add to teas, decoctions, and other preparations. On its own, high quality raw honey from good sources will actively support your body's natural responses to illness and infection. It can be taken by the spoonful or used in infusions. It is best stirred into warm teas after brewing to keep the constituents intact. 

Raw honey can be used to make many other preparations with herbs as well. Infusing raw honey with different blends or single herbs is a fantastic way to use honey as medicine. This can be taken on its own as a potent and tasty supplement. Honey can also be used to make different herbal syrups using the process of infusion and decoction. Recipes for making herbal syrups vary, but generally can require as little as honey, dried or fresh herbs, and clean filtered water. 

Enjoy checking out our honey preparations in store, and see how this lovely product could benefit your wellness!