Scorpion Spagyric

Scorpion Spagyric

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Paruroctonus boreus in a Spagyric preparation. 

A quintessence for your mind, body and spirit, our unique scorpion spagyric will help you harness the energy of the scorpion and the Utah deserts.

Scorpion can be used for spiritual protection, shadow work, clarity of mind and enhanced creativity, sight of auras and energetics; scorpion has aphrodisiac qualities, helps in healing the skin and growing hair, strengthens eyesight and immune system, is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, and helps with arthritic conditions.

Scorpion offers a unique mindset, pulling you to a grounded point in your body, and bringing your sight fully into your eyes; you find yourself viewing the world in a new perspective– one that feels uniquely scorpion.

Planet: Moon


  • Opening 
  • Loving
  • Intuitive 
  • Empowering
  • Illuminating