Japanese Knotweed Spagyric

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Polygonum japonicum in a spagyric preparation.

Considered an invasive species in the US, Japan knotweed comes from Eastern Japan, China and Korea where it is used for its medicinal properties as well as an extremely sustainable food source.

Knotweed is an amplifier, and it is often paired with other herbs to potentiate their actions. 

Thought to be a powerful healing agent for those with Lyme disease, gingivitis, sore mouth and throat, bronchitis, skin disorders and menstrual irregularities.

It has also been used to treat the heart, as a laxative, as an emmenagogue, to improve healthy blood vessel function and to stop bleeding.

Planet: Sun, Venus


  • Softening
  • Connective
  • Opening
  • Empowering
  • Caring